Software Services

About Dine Technology Software Services

Dine Technology has a team of software developers to help you with your R365, accounting and reporting needs.

Dine Software Services

Dine Technology has a software team dedicated to building custom R365 integrations. We also have two proprietary software platforms that can be customized to meet your needs.

Some samples of our custom integrations for R365 include Lunchbox, Meez, Ramp, Levelup, Toast Payroll GL Export, Square Loans, R365 Bank Rec consolidation, and three way labor reconciliation between R365, Toast Payroll and Toast POS.

Sample Custom R365 Integrations

  • R365/Lunchbox
  • R365/LevelUp
  • R365/Meez
  • R365/Toast Payroll
  • Consolidate multiple R365 bank recs
  • Toast Payroll/Toast POS/R365 3-way reconciliation
  • R365/Debit Card location/gl coding of debit card transactions
  • R365/Square Loans